Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brev fra Anja/ Letter from Anja

En finsk misjonær som heter Anja sendte nettop ut et nyhetsbrev om arbeidet på Nådehjemmet. Dette brevet synest jeg flere burde få glede av og deler det her med dere. Det er på engelsk, men håper det går greit å lese det likevel.

Dear Friends,
We are in the middle of summer here in Thailand now. Weather has been very unusual this year; still in March the temperature was unusually low. But now everything is melting in the sun and rain.

We have had many women staying at Home of Grace since the last letter. Many of them lived in very difficult situations before coming to HoG. Their burdens were sometimes too hard to deal with having a baby to take care. But there have been also mothers with strong visions to keep their babies, and those of them have found a solution. One of them, 20 year old Aeng, delivered her third child. In the beginning she said she was not good at being mother. Little by little she has found the mother inside of her and now she looks after her baby carefully. She also wanted to know the Bible and Christian faith better, and after teaching she was baptized just few days before her delivery. Then her daughter Kristin was baptized on Easter. Aeng is leaving us soon. She lived with her grandmother before, and her first daughter still lives there. Her son lives with his father. Kristin will go to a foster home for six months. In that time Aeng will go to work and prepare herself to take care of Kristin.

Home of Grace has now it’s very own pastor! Evangelist Johan Trakulmeesuk from Samrong evangelical Lutheran church was ordinated as pastor on the 31st of March. The Lutheran Church got six new pastors together. Next day we got a new bishop, Banjob Kusavadee. On the same day the whole church celebrated the 35th year of Lutheran mission work in Thailand. It was a week of celebrations, indeed.

HoG turned into a bakery for a few days, to prepare cakes for the bishop Vissanukorn’s farewell. A Norwegian midwife Oddbjorg, who had come to help as a volunteer in the HoG, was the main chef. Everyone loved the cakes! Oddbjorg has been a great help for the mothers and staff. Many young mothers felt like she was the mother they needed themselves. We all learned a lot, maybe both ways. Thank you, Oddbjorg!

Staff of HoG is smaller now as Naomi left back to Hong Kong to continue her studies last October. We still miss her friendly and happy face, lessons and good appétit. We hope to see you sometime!

Last, but not least, we would like to thank you for all your kind support. God bless you!

Best wishes, Lek, Nok, Sawai and Anja

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